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Hello, today is Tuesday, June 18th, 2024 

Your Horoscope for January 2014


Notes/Overview: A New Moon occurs in the sign of Capricorn on the first day of the month (and year), awakening our ambitions, sense of time, and need for order. This lunation offers us the opportunity to set practical, attainable goals, work on developing maturity and common sense, consider and prepare for the future, work on self-discipline, and recognize our responsibilities. It's a time for nurturing our dreams in a realistic fashion. With Venus in Capricorn and retrograde all month (it turns direct on the 31st), we might notice a lack of warmth in our interactions. Care and concern may not be missing, but they are not on display right now. This retrograde gives us the chance to look over and review our affections, relationships, and pastimes. The 15th brings a Full Moon in the sign of Cancer, and sudden awareness to our lives, especially about our personal life, family, and deepest needs. Another New Moon occurs in January, this time on the 30th and in the sign of Aquarius, bringing a feeling of a "fresh start" to our lives. We are awakened to a need for a vision, for socializing and brainstorming, for expressing feelings of friendship, and for developing more objectivity in our lives. Jupiter opposes Pluto on the last day of the month - an aspect that first came exact last August. Our plans may meet with opposition, resistance, or blocks. Exaggerating our importance or power, either to ourselves or others, should be watched for. Our belief system could be challenged now, and the need for a major attitude change arises; or we might have to face narrow-mindedness in others (or in ourselves). The tendency now is to push too hard in general, and to ignore the important details.





Dec 22 - Jan 20

The New Moon in your sign on the 1st sets the tone of the month, dear Capricorn, and it's all about you. January is a month for learning about both your power and your limits. This is a time for living your life as you wish, with healthy respect for others, but also a strong focus on some of your buried or unfulfilled desires. Listen closely to what a partner has to say around the 15th, however. Although it may seem overly emotional or even irrational to you, it’s better not to jump to conclusions, but also important not to sweep anything under the carpet. Relationships can be tricky this month - there's not a lot of forward movement happening now, and in fact, some possible backtracking. Venus is in your sign all month, but it's also retrograde, and you might focus a lot on your manner and appearance, possibly with insecurity. It's a time for reviewing how you come across to others and making necessary changes once you do. You are not always seen in the best of light just for now, but you'll get plenty of chances to turn the tables when Venus moves forward January 31st and continues to transit your sign until early March. The month brings strong focus on getting ahead in your career, but there will be times when you need to consciously slow yourself down in order to process what you're doing, and more importantly, where you want to take this. There can be financial opportunities that look promising towards the end of January, but be sure to read all the fine print. Financial dealings - important ones - should nevertheless be postponed until Venus is well past its retrograde. All in all, January is a strong month for self-improvement efforts and laying the ground work for financial success.


Jan 21 - Feb 19


A mostly easygoing energy is with you much of January, dear Aquarius, with a nice balance of activity and rest, self-assertion and compromise, as well as work and pleasure. Any matter that requires people skills, charm, and verbal prowess is favored from the 11-31, when you are especially convincing and Mercury animates your conversations. Mercury in your sign not only sharpens your mind and communications, it can bring you adoring attention and possibly romantic or creative opportunities as the ruler of your solar fifth house. This is especially true around the 16-17 and 24th. There is a greater need for rest until the 19th, or at least some level of withdrawal from competitive energies, but you also possess a real spirit for adventure with energetic Mars in harmony with your sign and stimulating your adventure sector. People seem to let you do your own thing this month, and it's especially important to you right now to move about with little in the way of interference. There is a tendency to nurse your wounds on the level of love or social life, however, with Venus retrograde quietly transiting your privacy sector and turning your attention to difficulties of the past. There is certainly a lot going on behind the scenes in January. The Sun moves into your sign on the 19th, awakening your ego and bringing your fair share of attention your way. The New Moon on the 30th adds power to your efforts as it occurs in your sign.


Feb 20 - Mar 20

While you're likely to be quite busy socially in January, dear Pisces, many of your important activities, efforts, and discoveries are going on behind the scenes. The desire is to network, although there can be some challenges with friends or in groups to deal with, mostly involving complicated feelings or issues from the past resurfacing for review. You're receiving, and possibly giving off, mixed signals. Venus is retrograde all month, and the expression of warmth, affection, and care is not straightforward. In fact, others can seem brusque at times. You are sensitive, but you're also perceptive, and it's important to remember that feelings are not missing, they're simply buried or hidden. Even so, a romantic opportunity might arise around the Full Moon on the 15th, and it likely involves a person you already know. The Sun moves into your privacy sector on the 19th, launching a cycle in which you require more time to yourself as well as time for processing recent events. This is an important period for rejuvenation. There can be a lot of attention the past and to dealing with endings or tying up projects that have run their due course. This process is not all difficult - in fact, you're bound to come to some important conclusions and to wrap up things that have fallen to the wayside, and this serves to free up your mind, ultimately boosting your power and effectiveness for busier months to come.


Mar 21 - Apr 20


Career matters could be causing you some concern in January, dear Aries, but try not to fret over details. Instead, come up with a better game plan. Professionally, you're perfectly willing and able to make a complete overhaul if it means greater success down the road. It's especially important this month to consciously work on bringing more warmth and charm to your interactions, particularly business and partnership ones. With Venus retrograde in your career and reputation zone and Mars in your partnership and negotiations sector, your people skills may leave a lot to be desired this month, and brusqueness can negatively impact your reputation, business, and relationships. February will bring opportunities to begin anew, but work on things this month to minimize conflicts.  There can be a bit of a struggle balancing responsibilities to family and to your public or professional life this month, and the 15th can bring everything to a head. Good energy is with you at this time to get to the bottom of things and to work on moderation. Your social life picks up pace as the month progresses, and the New Moon on the 30th brings a blast of energy your way for new visions, goals, and possibly making new and important connections. Now's the time to really make an effort when it comes to networking.


Apr 21 - May 21


While your spirit for adventure is strong this month, dear Taurus, watch for some communication snafus. Travel, legal, or educational plans may not be moving forward at the speed you'd like them to be. The 15th brings some surprising news or a sudden rush of activity. Likely, money shared, borrowed, or loaned will be big topics on the table now. With your ruler, Venus, retrograde all month, there will be a stronger need to work on your people skills and manner, although it's also important to listen to cues to take extra time for yourself and more time to arrive at important decisions. Work matters require the most sensitivity with Mars raging through your sector of work, health, and routines. There is good energy for health and wellness routines, fitness, and motivation for organizing, sorting, and working on important projects. However, there can be times when you do these things to excess, not always knowing when it's time to call it a day. Pacing yourself will help you to make the most of this time. Thoughts might often turn to the past in January. You may not be feeling a clear direction at this time, but the thinking and review process that you do now can help you to move forward feeling stronger in February. As the month progresses, business matters become stronger. The New Moon on the 30th brings strong energy for taking charge.




May 22 - Jun 22

You could be digging up interesting information this month, dear Gemini, and there is likely to be quite a fuss over it in the first week of the month. While it's not a time to sweep matters under the rug, some care should be taken in all love matters this month, particularly those surrounding shared finances and intimacy. It's a good month for redesigning your budget, but it's not strong for making big purchases. You could easily regret your purchases next month, so take the time to think about it before you leap forward. The 15th might bring a surprising revelation about money. Whatever information that surfaces now, however sudden it is, it's also very useful. Mars in harmonious aspect to your sign certainly helps energy levels, even if it can be an exhausting month at times. You might revive a hobby or simply have more energy to put into an existing one, and there can be more avenues opening to you for entertainment and creative expression. Romance can be animated, even though it can be very tricky as well. Old resentments may surface so that you can finally put them to rest. From the 19th, you are feeling more outgoing and adventurous. The New Moon on the 30th brings wonderful energy for mental and physical exploration and stimulation, and sets the tone for the weeks following it. Continue to watch for excesses with money, even if your focus and interests have shifted.


Jun 23 - Jul 22

Relationships take center stage this month, dear Cancer, but are not always especially easy. There is bound to be a whole lot of negotiating, discussing, and compromising going on with a special person in your life, but you may sense some warmth or charm missing while Venus retrogrades in your opposite sign until the 31st. Full Moons are often emotional for you, but the Full Moon on the 15th is especially so because it occurs in your sign. You may behave in ways that surprise others and even yourself! However, whatever bubbles up to the surface now has actually been a long time coming. A project dear to your heart could bear fruit now, or there can be a personal revelation or epiphany. You’re ready to do a complete makeover in the home, and this is an excellent month for getting to the heart of problems in the family dynamic, particularly around the 24th, although getting there can involve some drama and conflicts. There can be a lot of activity in the home life in January (and beyond), and some of you are taking some work home with you. Towards the end of the month, you could be dealing with opposition from a partner, not only family. Tone down excesses as much as possible, as conflict tends to arise from immoderate behavior with Jupiter in your sign opposing intense Pluto. Around the same time, good energy is with you for taking care of business, particularly finances.


Jul 23 - Aug 23

Routine matters, attention to health and wellness, and work receive top billing this month, dear Leo, but are not always straightforward. In fact, there are likely times when you feel pulled in too many directions and this can drain you of energy. You may want to make extra effort to express warmth on the job now, as there can be some pulling back that could otherwise cause some problems. Generally speaking, you're doing a lot for others right now, and you may overextend your services at times, and this can reach a head around the Full Moon on the 15th, when circumstances remind you that you need some time out. You may be dealing with built-up stress and exhaustion at times in January, but Mars' harmonious angle to your sign and presence in your communications sector can help restore energy levels to some degree, especially around the 24th, when a partner or special someone is sharing your vision and boosting your confidence. There can be a new interest or project that gets you out of bed in the morning. Local activities and learning endeavors demand a lot of your time. The New Moon on the 30th brings good energy for partnerships, and the end of Venus' retrograde the next day helps you to feel a lot better about your social life, and about love in general.


Aug 24 - Sep 23

A highly creative month is in store for you, dear Virgo, but while strong focus is on romance and pleasure, both are complicated in January. Backtracking is necessary with your personal finances and your love life. Past matters resurface and require sensitive attention, but you might often feel "stuck" when it comes to love - on someone from your past, or on resurfacing problems. Second-guessing others should be avoided unless the ultimate goal is improved relations. You are considerably more assertive when it comes to defending yourself with Mars in your solar second house for an extended stay. You deserve respect from others, and you know it! There may be problems with shared resources or debts and loans, and these serve to fuel your desire to better take care of yourself and to improve your own income. There can be some tendency to overspend, however, as your desire for fun, entertaining things and activities is stronger than usual. Life may seem especially expensive these days, as there can be extra expenses involving kids, partners, friends, and even your love life. You are verbally expressive this month, and your excess mental energy needs a creative outlet. As the month progresses, health, work, and self-care programs come into stronger focus. The New Moon on the 30th can stimulate a take-charge attitude for self-improvement, making it an excellent time for new health and wellness endeavors.

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Sept 24 - Oct 23

You want to live life on your own terms this month, dear Libra, with assertive Mars in your sign all month (for an extended stay) and most planets in active, cardinal houses. You're in a take-charge frame of mind and emotionally detached just enough to pursue your desires without worrying as much about what others think. People around you won't always recognize you in January. Not only is Mars in your sign, but Venus, your charming, conciliatory ruler, is retrograde and behaving in a sterner, more business-like manner. Your feelings haven't gone missing, but they're less obvious to others. There is a lot of activity in your sector of home and family, particularly in early January, and this is where your attention often turns. It's a fabulous month for reviewing your financial state and making plans to improve it, particularly around the 7th and 11th, but not ideal for big purchases and new business endeavors. You may be overvaluing or undervaluing things, rather than seeing them clearly, just for now. The 24th is strong for making an impression, and in fact, towards the end of January, you begin to loosen up and enjoy yourself more fully. The New Moon on the 30th sets the stage for creative new beginnings and also sets the tone for the weeks following, when matters of the heart are clearer.


Oct 24 - Nov 22

This may not be the best month for relying on others, dear Scorpio, but fortunately, Saturn in your sign is working in good form in January, and this provides you with a nice level of independence as well as self-reliance. Errands, paperwork, and short trips are bound to keep you on your toes this month. There can be a lot on your plate, and for the most part, you're quite happy getting everything done. However, with Mars in your privacy zone for an extended stay, your inner world is animated and often pulls you in. You may be reviewing different elements of your life and wondering where things are going, particularly work, health, and your love life. This is a time when you are more inclined to look for help or guidance, likely of a more anonymous nature, such as through online groups, as the usual sources for sharing may not be as straightforward or available. As well, your desires are more complex than usual, and when you do know what you want, there doesn't seem to be a direct route to it. With Venus retrograde and Mars in Libra all month, there can be a general air of superficiality and reserve in the dealings of those around you, which fails to satisfy. There is definitely a great need for more rest in January, and you'll likely feel this more strongly in the second half, when the comforts of home and family draw you more than usual. Tend more closely to your health, which is heavily tied to your psychological state this month.


Nov 23 - Dec 21

While this month may not be the clearest one for direction, dear Sagittarius, it's strong for building, planning, and securing. You have the chance to improve your financial position, either by stabilizing cash flow or by finding new ways to make money altogether. However, there can be some hiccups along the way, and possibly some insecurity and worry as well. Friends and lovers might be turning to you for help and support. You are challenged to review your financial position and to make adjustments rather than spending on big-ticket items or pursuing new money-making ideas with Venus retrograde in your income zone all month. However, you are given the opportunity to look at things from an all-new perspective. Although it's not quite right to push forward, take a lot of notes now. Love is complicated this month, and few are expressing their affections openly and directly, which can be frustrating. However, it's a strong month for meeting romantic interests through group activities and friends, even if things don't get off the ground just yet. For coupled Sagittarians, it's important to be active together, to mingle, and to pursue a variety of interests. A stronger sense of direction is on the horizon. For now, focus on getting things in order, building your resources, and enjoying yourself as you do. You don't always need to know where exactly it is that you're headed. The New Moon on the 30th launches a more sociable, outgoing cycle for you that sets the tone for next month.


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